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WWE: "Rest In Peace" ► The Undertaker 31st Theme Song

WWE: "Rest In Peace" ► The Undertaker 31st Theme Song

Title: "Rest In Peace"
Composer: Jim Johnston

Album: WWE: Rest In Peace (Undertaker) - Single
Genres: Soundtrack, Music
Released: Jun 13, 2011
℗ 2011 WWE, Inc.

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Theme Count:
1st: "Funeral Dirge"
2nd: "Funeral March"
3rd: "Grim Reaper"
4th: "Graveyard Symphony"
5th: "Graveyard Symphony" (2nd Version)
6th: "Graveyard Symphony" (3rd Version)
7th: "Graveyard Symphony" (4th Version)
8th: "Dark Side"
9th: "Dark Side" (2nd Version)
10th: "Dark Side" (3rd Version)
11th: "Dark Side" (4th Version)
12th: "Lord Of Darkness"
13th: "Lord Of Darkness" (2nd Version)
14th: "Ministry"
15th: "Unholy"
16th: "American Bad Ass"
17th: "American Bad Ass" (2nd Version)
18th: "American Bad Ass" (3rd Version)
19th: "American Bad Ass" (4th Version)
20th: "Rollin'"
21st: "Rollin'" (2nd Version)
22nd: "Rollin'" (3rd Version)
23rd: "Rollin'" (4th Version)
24th: "Rollin'" (5th Version)
25th: "Dead Man"
26th: "Dead Man" (2nd Version)
27th: "Dead Man" (3rd Version)
28th: "Big Evil" (Instrumental)
29th: "You're Gonna Pay"
30th: "Rest In Peace"
31st: "Rest In Peace" (WWE Edit)
32nd: "Ain't No Grave" (WWE Edit)

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